Kuala Lumpur 2020
Cyber Security Webinar & Livestream

The Teh Group

April 16, 2020

Kuala Lumpur

The world now, including Malaysia, is facing a huge threat amidst the widespread of Covid-19. Today, we are also under attack virtually through series of cyber attacks by cyber criminals that are leveraging the fear and panic around the coronavirus pandemic to step up their cyber attack to our IT security infrastructures—we must be fully prepared.
We at CyberAttack are committed to ensure your first line of cyber defence and cybersecurity will always be ready to face the next cyber security threats and attacks. We understand that business must go on for you and we are pleased to introduce you to our virtual platform for online conferences and series of cybersecurity webinars covering the latest cybersecurity and IT defence best practices.

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Cyber Security Webinar Malaysia Session

The Malaysian government through the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) is actively pursuing various initiatives to address cyber threats and cyber crimes including strengthening cybersecurity infrastructure and regulating the safer communications and multimedia ecosystem in Malaysia.

According to Malaysian Former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, “total losses incurred through cyber crime increased by 24.9 percent to RM497.7 million in 2019 from RM398.6 million the previous year". To respond to the ever-growing diversity and virulence of cyber threats, Malaysia has undertaken, in past years, several key actions to create a dependable cyber ecosystem and strengthen their own line of Cyber Defense and Cyber Security measure to ensure the safety of their users from any attempt of cyber attacks and threats.

CyberAttack Kuala Lumpur Webinar and Livestream will provide you with the comprehensive Cyber Security Webinar Series and the opportunity to discuss and share any IT Security issues as well as challenges with cybersecurity experts in the series of interactive Cyber Security Webinar and livestream. Apart from reviewing and discussing IT Security best practices and approach the Webinar Session will also give you the chance to ask the experts from the top Cyber Security Firm, IT infrastructure provider and Cyber Forensics Experts during the Livestream Online Q&A session.

Who Will Attend?

  • Administrators
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • IT Directors
  • Cyber Security Heads
  • Senior Executives in Security Network and Information Profiles
Livestream Webinar Programme

April 16, 2020

09:00 AM – 09:40 AM (UTC+8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)
Top 10 Cyber Security Tips – Working from Home
Cybercriminals always capitalise on world wide events, and the current situation is no different. In this first webinar session we will review some of the current attacks that use COVID-19 fears – from phishing attacks to malware to online scams. In addition we will review best practices for people who are now working from home as well as discuss and demo the importance of actionable threat intelligence.

Etay Maor, Chief Security Officer at IntSights Cyber Intelligence, IntSights & Adam Shor, Sales Engineering Director | APJ, IntSights

09:50 AM – 10:30 AM (UTC+8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)
Map it Out: Improve Data Center Visibility & Security Simultaneously
Visibility is the first step towards protecting your data center and cloud — and the foundation for segmentation that stops lateral movement. The ability to visualize workload and application communications gives you insights on connectivity within your network and helps understand vulnerability risk. In this webinar, You will:

  • Gain real-time visibility into workload and application connects
  • Achieve a shared view of truth across teams
  • Create segmentation policies using natural language
  • See and mitigate vulnerability risk
Jason Wong, Regional Systems Engineer, Asia, Illumio

10:40 AM – 11:20 AM (UTC+8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)
Strengthening Cybersecurity Through ML and AI

  • Understanding the attack surface – how ML and AI can detect Internal and external attacks
  • How to secure your network devices
  • Importance of data security and the need for DLP
Harish Sekar, Senior Technical Evangelist, ManageEngine

11:30 AM – 12:10 PM (UTC+8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)
Empower Your Security Team with Approachable Threat Intel
Learn how to think about, plan, collate and communicate value from Cyber Threat Intelligence

Geoff Noble, Vice President and General Manager, APAC, Anomali

12:20 PM – 1:00 PM (UTC+8 Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)
macOS: Forensic Artifacts and Techniques that are Essential for Mac Investigations
Mac investigations can be challenging for a number of reasons. Learn about the Apple File System (APFS) and the changes made as part of the update from HFS+, while discussing the best techniques for successfully completing macOS investigations in Magnet AXIOM. In this lab we will not only discuss changes made with the latest macOS 10.15 (Catalina) update, but also investigate operating system artifacts and files such as: KnowledgeC.db, FSEvents, Volume Mount Points, Quarantined Files, AirDrop and bash history, providing context on how these artifacts will help connect the dots in your investigations.

Matthew Simon, Forensic Sales Consultant, Magnet Forensics

Featured Speakers

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Malaysia-Cybersecurity-Speaker-Etay Maor

Etay Maor

Chief Security Officer at IntSights Cyber Intelligence


Malaysia-Cybersecurity-Speaker-Adam Shor

Adam Shor

Director of Engineering


Malaysia-Cybersecurity-Speaker-Jason Wong

Jason Wong

Regional Systems Engineer, Asia



Harish Sekar

Senior Technical Evangelist


Kuala Lumpur-event-speaker-Geoff Noble

Geoff Noble

Vice President and General Manager APAC,


Malaysia-Cybersecurity-Speaker-Matthew Simon

Matthew Simon

Forensic Sales Consultant

Magnet Forensics