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About CyberAttack

As we look towards 2020 and beyond, we need to acknowledge that technology is fast playing catch-up and will impact security technologies, innovation, investment and the industry at large. 2020 has been an exciting year for the cybersecurity industry and its professionals especially with cybersecurity has become a business-critical, extremely dynamic, massively scalable, and highly specialised discipline. However, there are still doubts in tools, manual processes, and inadequate staffing.

With these emerging changes, TEH Group is set to bring CyberAttack 2020 series to a more innovative level with varying interactive formats at our events. CyberAttack 2020 will be where innovation happens when it comes to curating an event that brings together cyber security experts from all walks of industry to one venue. Our team wants to make the most out of this event by designing an event where participants will achieve their “ah-hah” moments from the Spot On sessions which are straight-to-the-point talks which are concise, straight to the point and problem solving. Participants will also have a role to play at CyberAttack by participating in the many Q&A and Exchange sessions.

Change is inevitable and it will be bigger and sooner than most professionals think as the pace of technology and market changes will be much faster than in the past. In the meantime, new types of massive data breaches, threats and critical infrastructure interruptions will drive CISOs to think out-of-the-box and accelerate their cybersecurity platforms.

As the industry changes, so do we. We will be launching our news as well as articles written by experts, interviews and documentaries with cybersecurity professionals and our acknowledgement of the experts in the Hall of Fame. We want to play a role in the industry by connecting professionals in the CyberAttack community.

The CyberAttack 2020 series is designed to address these changes in a single platform for cybersecurity professionals across all industries. Join us today as a sponsor, speaker, attendee, supporting organisation or media partner to be recognised in the CyberAttack community!


4 Streams

300+ Attendees

25+ Sessions

20+ Exhibitions

Roundtable Sessions

Exclusive Networking Sessions


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Head of IT / Head of Information Security

Head of Cyber Security

Senior Executives in Security Network and Information Profile

Police Force / Law Enforcement

Digital Forensics

CyberAttack 2020 Events Locations

CyberAttack 2020 focus will be on Asia Pacific countries, nevertheless, we never stop our steps in influencing people in a world-wide scale. Stay tune with us.

Hong Kong

September 15, 2020

Cyber-security-event-Kuala Lumpur-2020
Kuala Lumpur

October 13, 2020

CyberAttack Highlights

Inheriting the past, creates a brighter future
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Started from 2015

Formerly CIFI Security Summit. A reconstruction to involve more elements in cyber security fields, giving you new experience in our CyberAttack Event series.

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70+ Sponsors & Exhibitions

Well known services providers/vendors from across the world.

CyberAttack-Event-Topic-1500 attendees annually
Over 1500+ Attendees Annually

• 27% Financial Industry
• 20% Corporation
• 22% Government Sector
• 31% Law Enforcement

CyberAttack-Event-Topic-event technology hub
10+ Countries

Our brand earned its reputation in these key technology hubs in the past 4 years. We are thriving and continue spreading to every corner of the world.

CyberAttack-Event-Topic-200 professional speaker
Over 200+ Professional Speakers Annually

Good composition of speakers from varies industries, sharing views with different and unique angels.

CyberAttack-Event-Topic-tailor made sessions
Tailor-made Sessions

More specified topics and case studies for different locations.

CyberAttack-Event-Topic-specific case studies

Become our Partner and Exhibitor

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