Singapore Series 2020

The Teh Group

November 12, 2020


The Singapore Series showcases what has been achieved, and more critically, explore the next steps in securing a dependable cyber ecosystem.

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Featured Speakers

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Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Jess Ng, Country Director for Singapore and Brunei, Fortinet

Jess Ng

Country Director for Singapore and Brunei


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Sean Hong, Regional Director - Strategic Alliance Cloud, Fortinet

Sean Hong

Regional Director - Strategic Alliance Cloud


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Matthew Kuan, Director, Marketing, Fortinet

Matthew Kuan

Director, Marketing


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Jonathan Jackson, Director of Sales Engineering, APJ, BlackBerry

Jonathan Jackson

Director of Sales Engineering, APJ


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Eugene Low, Regional Director, SEA & South Asia, Darktrace

Eugene Low

Regional Director, SEA & South Asia


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Will Kapcio, Security Solutions Engineer, HackerOne

Will Kapcio

Security Solutions Engineer


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Shi Chao, Sales Engineer Manager, APAC, Synopsys

Shi Chao

Sales Engineer Manager, APAC


Manila-event-speaker-Evan Davidson, Vice President APJ, SentinelOne

Evan Davidson

Vice President APJ


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Kelvin Wee, APJ Technical Director, SentinelOne

Kelvin Wee

APJ Technical Director


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Hywel Morgan, Manager, Sales Engineering (ASEAN and Korea), Sophos

Hywel Morgan

Manager, Sales Engineering (ASEAN and Korea)


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Chee Keong Lim, Senior Security Solutions Engineer, Sophos

Chee Keong Lim

Senior Security Solutions Engineer


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Wong Ching Ping, Senior Business Development, Fortinet SEAHK

Wong Ching Ping

Senior Business Development

Fortinet SEAHK

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Andrew Moey, Business Development Manager

Andrew Moey

Business Development Manager

Fortinet SEAHK

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Kelvin Chak, Senior Sales Engineer, BlackBerry

Kelvin Chak

Senior Sales Engineer


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Ian Liu, Security Engineer, HackerOne

Ian Liu

Sales Engineer


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Ian Hall, Asia Pacific Client Services Manager, Synopsys

Ian Hall

Asia Pacific Client Services Manager


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Matthew Simon, Forensics Sales Consultant, Magnet Forensics

Matthew Simon

Forensics Sales Consultant

Magnet Forensics

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Serene Siow, Director, APAC, BitSight

Serene Siow

Director, APAC


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Sam Fong, Regional Solution Architect, Fortinet

Sam Fong

Regional Solution Architect


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Chooi Ker Ming, Solution Engineer, Fortinet

Chooi Ker Ming

Solution Engineer


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Seong Yee Phang, Consulting Systems Engineer, APAC, Fortinet

Seong Yee Phang

Consulting Systems Engineer, APAC


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Jonas Walker, Security Strategist, Fortinet

Jonas Walker

Security Strategist


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Yuko Miyahara, Commercial Team Lead, Darktrace

Yuko Miyahara

Commercial Team Lead


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Mishaal Ismeer, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Illumio

Mishaal Ismeer

Regional Director, Asia Pacific


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Terence Cheong, Senior Consulting Engineer, APAC, BitSight

Terence Cheong

Senior Consulting Engineer, APAC


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Sivakumar Ramachandran, SOC Manager, T-Systems

Sivakumar Ramachandran

SOC Manager


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Chok Chiat Ho, Technical Consultant, CrowdStrike Asia

Chok Chiat Ho

Technical Consultant

CrowdStrike Asia

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Feixiang He, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Group-IB

Feixiang He

Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Prof. Kang Meng Chow, Chief Information Security Officer, AWS

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kang Meng-Chow

Head of Security Assurance, APJ

Amazon Web Services

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Venkatesh Subramaniam, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Olam International

Venkatesh Subramaniam

Global Chief Information Security Officer

Olam International

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Mac Esmilla, Global Chief Information Security Officer, World Vision International

Mac Esmilla

Chief Information Security Officer

World Vision International

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Guoliang Zhong, Portfolio Chief Information Officer Asia Pacific, The Carlyle Group

Guoliang Zhong

Portfolio Chief Information Officer Asia Pacific

The Carlyle Group

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Pramodh Rai, Chief Technology Officer, Hmlet

Pramodh Rai

Chief Technology Officer


Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Christopher Lek Chor Sheng, Director, Nanyang Technological University

Christopher Lek Chor Sheng


Nanyang Technological University

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Shishir Belbase, Head of the Communication and Networks Unit, Asian Development Bank

Shishir Belbase

Head of the Communication and Networks Unit

Asian Development Bank

Singapore-CyberAttack2020-Event-Speaker-Tomas Flodin, Portfolio Manager, Telenor Inpli AB

Tomas Flodin

Portfolio Manager

Telenor Inpli AB


As one of Asia Pacific region’s key technology hubs, highly-networked Singapore is vulnerable to cyber-attack attempts. Add in the widespread use of digital banking, eCommerce and mobile devices, and it becomes a low hanging fruit for hackers, just illustrates the recent Singapore’s health system cyber-attack.

To respond to the ever-growing diversity and virulence of cyber threats, Singapore has undertaken, in past years, several key actions to create a dependable cyber ecosystem.

As one of Asia Pacific region’s key technology hubs, a highly networked Singapore is constantly vulnerable to cyberattack attempts. With the widespread use of digital banking, eCommerce and mobile devices, it has become a high target segment for hackers, and illustrates Singapore’s current digital health system for cyberattacks.

To respond to the ever-growing diversity and virulence of cyber threats, in the past years Singapore has undertaken several key actions to create a dependable cyber ecosystem.

Experience 3 Diverse Formats in 1 Interactive Digital Event:

Talk Show Format-learn from industry experts, expand knowledge on Cyber Security Tools.

Talk Show Format-learn from industry experts, expand knowledge on Cyber Security Tools.

Choose topics that YOU are interested in. Select from a multitude of topics across 4 streams.

CYBERATTACK Singapore 2020 - Key Focus Areas

  • How Cybersecurity Impacts Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
  • Future-Proofing a Sustainable Security Plan
  • The Iranian Cyber Warfare
  • Inside the Mind of a Hacker, and How to Stay Safe in 2020
  • IoT, Endpoint and Mobile Security – The Effects of BYOD on Cybersecurity
  • The Weakest Link in Cyber – Mitigating Human Error

Who Will Attend?

  • Administrators
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • IT Directors
  • Cyber Security Heads
  • Senior Executives in Security Network and Information Profiles
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