Cyber Attack
Shanghai 2019

The Teh Group - formerly Innoxcell

December 11, 2019

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Series will gather leading elites to share what had been achieved from the past year and to advise the community for possible moves in 2019. With keynote speeches, workshops, case studies, panel discussions and round-table etc., to provide deep-dive learning atmosphere for cyber security geeks.

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Shanghai along with the cities nearby have developed as the leading tech hub in China. Firms in various industries especially traditional companies in digital transforming and star-ups are benefit a lot from AI, Big data, Cloud, Blockchain, Machine Learning and so on. Evolving with the wildly growing digital business, cyber attack is changing rapidly and even more more diversified than ever before.

With the highly data-based business and fully consolidated of mobile internet, ABCD (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data) has become the cornerstone to corporation's survival which must be deeply understood and involved with it. In a period of thoroughly opened networks with blur, multi-crossed boundaries, is China well-equipped to fight it’s cyber threats? Does the defense strategy keeping pace with the requirements brought by new challenges?

CYBER ATTACK 2019 Event – Shanghai Series
provides exclusive and multi-sectoral sessions bring together multinational companies, governments and SMEs. The aim is to unite key decision makers to address, debate, exchange knowledge, raise awareness and deep dive around current pressing issues in the region’s IT executives community.

CYBER ATTACK Shanghai 2019 - Key Focus Areas

  • Rebuilding Agile IT Infrastructure Is The First Line of Defense for Cyber Risk
  • Implementing Safety System with Clear Responsibilities
  • IT Compliance: Deep Dive into China’s Cyber Security Law and Enforcement
  • Establishing IT Audit Structure: Cornerstone to Fix Your Network Vulnerability
  • Abnormal Business Triggers Security Monitoring
  • Practical Drill on Fighting Cybercrime
  • Hands-on Tactics to Cyber Threat
  • Stereoscopic Cloud Defense Strategy and Compliance Case-study
  • Feasible Approaches to Cope with Multi-levels of Big Data Security
  • Connecting Smart Devices with Protected System
  • Security VS Privacy:Coexist in Resilient Cyber Strategy
  • Reveal Successful Strategies to Lift Business with Secured IT

Who Will Attend?

  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • IT Directors
  • Cyber Security Heads
  • Chief Architects
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • IT Governance Leaders
  • Senior Executives in Security Network and Information Profile
  • Police Force / Law Enforcement
  • Digital Forensics
  • IT Security and Compliance Officers
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Featured Speakers

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CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Ramesh Moosa

Ramesh Moosa

Cyber Security Consulting Partner

PwC China

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Sean Pan

Sean Pan

Director, Cyber Security and Privacy

PwC China

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Steve Curnan

Steve Curnan

Senior Manager, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensics

PwC China

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Gilbert Mak

Gilbert Mak

Vice President, China Business


CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Paul Ong

Paul Ong

Assistant Vice President, Security Business


CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Michael Cai

Michael Cai

Technical Manager

Magnet Forensics

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Kun Zhang

Kun Zhang

Technical Consultant


CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Christophe Poisson

Christophe Poisson

CIO, Asia Pacific


CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Ray Zhou

Ray Zhou 赵锐

Director of IT Cyber Security and Risk Management

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Edmund Fang

Edmund Fang

IT Head

Zai Lab Limited

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Jhenu Kumar Subramaniam

Jhenu Kumar Subramaniam

Automotive Ethernet Expert & Security Manager

Lotus Engineering China 路特斯工程(中国)

CyberAttack2019-Shanghai-event-speaker-Sijia Liu

Sijia Liu

Senior Attorney

Xin Bai Law Firm