Cyber Attack
Taipei 2019

The Teh Group - formerly Innoxcell

September 17, 2019


Taipei Series provides Taiwan’s IT executives an opportunity to gather for a day of networking, collaboration, and knowledge-transfer through peer-led keynotes, breakouts, panels, and networking sessions.

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Taiwan faces a particularly large cybersecurity challenge, as it experiences 20-40 million attempts to infiltrate government, business, and private websites, networks, and machines every month. Although most of these attacks are attributed to Chinese hackers, Taiwan’s affluence, high rates of quality broadband and wireless connectivity, and until recently a fairly lax attitude towards cybersecurity have made it an inviting target for hackers around the world. In recent years, an Eastern European gang infiltrated the network of financial giant First Bank, causing ATMs around the island to “jackpot” – spitting out all of their cash, at designated times, bringing NT$70 million in losses (about US$2.3 million). A later attack on Far Eastern Bank’s overseas operations netted hackers some NT$1.8 billion (around US$60 million).

This makes cyber-security Taiwan’s most pressing national security issue. This is not a case of protecting the country from the risk of future attacks, it is about defending Taiwan against current attacks already underway. Viewing cybersecurity as a matter of national security, in May 2018, authorities in Taiwan passed the Information and Communication Management Act (ICM Act) in response to the increasing awareness of potential malicious cyberattacks targeting the public and private sectors. The government has also promoted a number of initiatives for enhancing its cybersecurity sector, including adoption of the National Strategy for Cybersecurity Development Program (2017-2020), which integrates cybersecurity industry development into Taiwan’s 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan.

While threats, attacks and risks continue to pile up, conclusively the challenge organisations were about to face in 2019 aren't insurmountable. The crucial aspect of managing them successfully is staying up-to-date with security systems understanding probable future threats and pacing back to comprehend big-picture trends that are driving them.

CYBER ATTACK Taipei 2019 - Key Focus Events

  • Defending Taiwan in Cyberspace
  • Deceive the Deceiver: Utilising Deception-Based Cyber Security Technology
  • Structuring an Efficient Defensive Strategies Against Privileged Attacks
  • When Machines Fight Machines: Cyber Battles & the New Frontier of Artificial Intelligence
  • Analysing the Latest Trends in Cyber-Attacks and Responding to Growing Threats
  • Identity at the Center of a Zero Trust Network: Taking a Governance-Based Approach to Security
  • Cybersecurity Ratings: Supporting Benchmarking, Performance Management & Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Finding the Best Starting Point for Insider Threats & Other Workplace Investigations
  • Data-Centric Threat Detection
  • Beyond Technology: Ensuring Comprehensive Strategies to Cyber Risk Governance
  • Building a Diverse Cyber Security Workforce
  • Bitcoin Security and the Rise of Blockchain Technology
  • Managing Cybersecurity Risk while Keeping up with Emerging Security Technologies
  • Reducing Cyber Risk Through Effective Leadership
  • AI and Machine Learning: Machine as Part of the Team
  • Understanding the Cloud Threat Surface
  • Understanding the Components That Make up a Cyber Defence Centre

Who Will Attend?

  • Administrators
  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • IT Directors
  • Cyber Security Heads
  • Senior Executives in Security Network and Information Profiles
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Conference Venue


Regent Taipei
No. 3, Ln. 39, Sec. 2 Zhongshan N. Rd.,
Taipei 104, Taiwan

Situated in Formosa’s capital- Taipei, in the midst of the city’s most vibrant cultural, entertainment and shopping district, close to the central business district, Regent Taipei offers the best luxury 5 star hotel experience for both business and leisure travelers. From spacious, luxury accommodation and sophisticated event venues, to the finest dining experiences and exclusive lifestyle offerings, our distinguished Taipei hotel exceeds expectations on every level.

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Featured Speakers

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Taipei-event-speaker-Eddie Yam

Eddie Yam

Technical Solutions Manager, North Asia


Taipei-event-speaker-Tingyi Wang

Tingyi Wang

Account Executive Team Lead


Taipei-event-speaker-Chun Young Chang

Chun-Young Chang

Director of Information Management

New Taipei City Police Department

Taipei-event-speaker-Chien Hung Chen

Chien Hung Chen

PigeonTW Captain

New Taipei City Police Department Information Management Office

Taipei-event-speaker-Richard Huang

Richard Huang

Chief Secretary

Computer Audit Association, ISACA Taiwan Chapter

Taipei-event-speaker-Ching Hao Mao

Ching Hao Mao

Vice President and Director General

Institute for Information Industry (III) & Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI)

Taipei-event-speaker-Tzi-Cker Chiueh

Tzi-cker Chiueh

Vice President

Information and Communications Research Laboratories/ITRI

Taipei-event-speaker-Brian Hansen

Brian Hansen

Executive Director Asia Pacific


Taipei-event-speaker-Allen Chang

Allen Chang

Senior Director of Corporate IT

My Humble House

Taipei-event-speaker-Max Lin

Max Lin


Deloitte & Touche Risk Advisory Management Advisory Co., Ltd.

Taipei-event-speaker-Stanley Chou

Stanley Chou

Head of Information Security